Our Services 

Apart from the best possible electricity and gas rates, Independent Energy has a wide range of services to deliver further savings. These include:

Management Services:
  • Energy Strategy and technology advice

  • Energy Management Plans

  • Energy education

  • Audits and assessments

  • Funding brokering – third party and lending

  • Load monitoring

  • Representation to regulatory bodies, such the Disputes Tribunal and Commerce Commission

  • Programme and project management

  • Set up and ongoing management (if required) of a customer reporting function.

Savings Services:

  • Energy brokering of electricity, gas, liquid fuels (fuel card)

  • Supply or capacity upgrades/downgrades

  • Specialist equipment sourcing and implementation

  • New build and retrofit supply calculations and negotiations with stakeholders (network companies, retailers etc.)

  • Participation in equipment/product selection projects from an energy perspective

  • Payback calculations on upgrades to:

       o Cladding materials & Fenestration (windows & doors)

       o Insulation
       o Lighting & Refrigeration
       o Space heating and cooling
       o Ventilation
       o Potable and non-potable water
       o Behavioral management programmes

Compliance Services such as Test & Tag, RCD’S, signage, Health & Safety and Switchboads.


Resilience Services such as Business Continuity Planning, backup generation, load management and
equipment monitoring & management.